Why do I need impartial advice?

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Dealing with insolvency is a difficult time and the myriad of options open to you can be confusing and stressful. Working with PGUK means you have access to independent advice which can help you navigate your way around these options and make the right choices for the right reasons.

  • Many solution providers such as IVA providers and debt management companies have a vested interest in selling you a specific solution. It can be difficult to know whether their solution is the best option unless you can relate it specifically to your financial position and consider other options properly. PGUK can help you here.
  • As part of the process of dealing with creditors it may be necessary to consider other professional advisors such as lawyers with regards to possible legal challenges based on incorrect documents or agreements. Equally they may need to be considered to defend certain formal actions which could be taken against you. Knowing when to engage legal advisors and when it is not necessary can be difficult and expensive particularly if they are not really required. PGUK can help advise when additional professional advice is required and also recommend specialists who can really help.
  • We can also assist you manage your relationship with your IP offering impartial advice on any actions requested of you should you need it.

What is the benefit to you?

  • Peace of mind that you have an experienced independent advisor who you can approach for help on all aspects of the insolvency process at no extra cost.
  • Peace of mind that you are executing the right strategy for you based on your specific financial circumstances.
  • Avoidance of further professional fees which may be unnecessary.
  • It will not be another distraction from focusing on restoring your financial position such as gaining employment, focusing on your new business or consolidating your financial position.

Is it included in the fee plan?

  • Yes. It is our added value to you.

Why we can offer impartial advice – experience?

  • The team responsible for working with clients has over 20 years experience in both personal and corporate insolvency. Therefore we know what options are out there facing clients and we know what is the right option for you.

Call us to discuss your situation and we will do our very best on your behalf.