What are the charges?

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Our fees are based on the free assessment that we initially provide for you. Following this we will advise you if we feel that we are able to help.

To date we have not had a single client who has not had a financial benefit from using our service – even including our fees

We are so confident of this claim that we even offer a unique fee guarantee – if we are unable to save you money on your personal guarantee – we will refund any fees you have paid. The fee guarantee will come into force once we have undergone the initial assessment – if we do not feel we can achieve a saving for you, we will not take you on as a client.

How can we offer this?

  • Well we can clearly establish your position when we speak to you initially. That is before any fees are actually chargeable. If we cannot help we will tell you.

Do you fear that you have a lot to lose as a result of the personal guarantee claim?

  • Perhaps because although you have assets it is not possible to raise a suitable lump sum in the time required.

Our service can still be justified financially because:

  • By managing the process correctly and keeping control you will avoid having assets sold for you at below market prices
  • Neither will you have to pay the heavy legal and procedural costs associated with formal action.

Are you concerned because you have limited or no assets?

  • Then our service will ensure your financial position is communicated correctly.
  • Agreed settlements are based on affordability (at whatever level that may be) and formal action averted.
  • Affordable settlements are typically substantially lower than the original debt claimed.

What is a typical fee level?

  • We base our fees on the amount of your PG exposure and our understanding of the complexity of helping you achieve a settlement.
  • We typically charge a small upfront fee and final fixed fee, payable over 10 months.

How do you keep your fees so low?

  • Our services are highly efficient and we have invested in a bespoke managed workflow system which enables us to keep our fees to a minimum.

How are you able to provide a fee guarantee based on an upfront assessment?

  • We are seasoned financial and insolvency professionals with a depth of knowledge, experience and expertise in this complex area of insolvency
  • Our fees are based on what we know we can achieve for you because of this experience – but also based on affordability
  • We can back up our claims with our unique fee guarantee

What is your experience and how will it benefit me?

  • The team responsible for working with clients has over 20 years experience in both personal and corporate insolvency.
  • However, we are not insolvency practitioners and do not take formal insolvency appointments.
  • This knowledge of working on ‘the other side of the desk’ on behalf of creditors puts us in a position to fully understand what they need to see and in what format to make decisions about debtors proposals.
  • We have the experience of bringing demands and defending demands arising out of insolvency.
  • This knowledge also means we can understand formal action and the processes involved which can be taken by creditors.
  • More importantly it means we understand why they tend to take this action and what would prevent them from doing it.
  • Our experience also extends to complex, multi creditor negotiations and when negotiating it is imperative to understand whether threats of formal action should be taken seriously or not dependent on the specifics of the case.
  • Knowing the key costs involved in formal action for creditors and how to calculate these is also essential when calculating the recovery outcome for creditors, something which is imperative to understand where offers to settle should be set.
  • Knowledge of acceptable valuations for key assets is again essential in positioning your financial status. Getting this wrong can lead to unaffordable settlement offers or proposals which offer too much under the circumstances.
  • We have proven working relations with major institutions such as the Banks and their recovery teams.
  • We work with insolvency practice companies across the UK both in receiving referrals in order to help clients with personal guarantees but also acting for directors to agree and settle claims made against them (e.g. over drawn directors loan accounts or antecedent transaction claims) from the very same liquidators.

Call us to discuss your situation and we will do our very best on your behalf.