How do we work?

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Our debt negotiation service is a management process. We start by taking you through a no cost assessment.

This will allow us to understand your position in respect of the personal guarantee. Whilst this may change once the full detail emerges we have enough experience at this stage to give you an opinion of your position. We can then advise you of your possible liability and discuss various options.

Once we have agreed to work together we will do the following:-

  • Check the validity of the Personal Guarantee you have signed
  • Establish your true financial position – income/expenditure and assets/liabilities
  • Establish what action the creditor can take and how likely it is based on your financial position
  • Agree the level at which offer proposals should be submitted ensuring they are affordable and commercially sensible for all parties
  • Submit proposals and any counter proposals on your behalf
  • Handle all correspondence and negotiations on your behalf
  • Keep you updated at every stage

Get you the best commercial settlement possible given your financial circumstances and ability to pay.

Call us to discuss your situation and we will do our very best on your behalf.