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How we work with solicitors

Clients with personal guarantee claims often believe there is a legitimate legal challenge based on the paperwork or the manner in which it was signed. Once you have explored the legal options in many cases it may not make either commercial sense to challenge the personal guarantee or claim, or there may not be a robust enough case to pursue it further.

So what next for the client? It is often the case that solicitors often have nowhere else to go on the client’s behalf.

How our service benefits solicitors

By referring PGUK’s service you can offer your client an alternative informal negotiated service to resolve the claim and achieve the best financial outcome possible based on their financial position. The client will get independent, impartial advice and straightforward practical help to resolve all their PG issues.

  • Referred clients who go on to resolve their personal guarantee claim with a positive financial result are more likely to use your legal services again in the future

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